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Regolithix is invested in developing technology to meet the challenging environments of the moon and Mars. Below are some of the technologies we are developing to overcome the boundaries of space exploration.


Regolith Processing Reactor

Our reactor is designed specifically for the separation of oxygen from metal oxides within the lunar and martian regolith. Our unique process is superior to existing methods, such as molten salt electrolysis, and has the benefit of in-built optical emission analysis for element identification and processing

Compact & modular design to fit any mission size √

Low power √

No pre-processing of feedstock √

No corrosive molten salt atmosphere √

In-built analysis equipment √

Regolith Resistant Sealing Technology

Regolith contains fine particles of sharp glass and rock less than 10 microns in diameter. This abrasive dust presents a problem for conventional seals. We are currently developing a sealing technology which is able to repel and effectively seal against such harsh environments.

Spare part rubber seal for motorcycle fork.on a isolated white background. Motorcycle serv
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